Physical Science Lab

The excellent Physical Science Laboratory is fully well equipped with necessary equipments worth of more than Rs. 3 lakhs.

Biological Science Lab

The advanced Biological Science Laboratory has several equipments worth of more than Rs. 2 lakhs for doing practical work.

Computer Lab

The modernized computer Laboratory is fully equipped with Multi-Media Theatre. The Multi-media Lab is designed to impart effective Computer Knowledge by giving more emphasis on practical hours.Lab is provided with Internet Connection with 2Mbps Bandwidth.

Technology Lab

The Technology Laboratory is well furnished with surrounding Sound System, LCD Projector, OHP, Slide Projector, TV and Tape Recorder for interactive teaching. This lab also gives additional exposure for the students to learn the latest technology in Education field.

Language Lab

The Language Laboratory is fully furnished with air-conditioned at the cost of Rs.10 Lakhs. This lab provides interactive LL Recorder and headset for each student. In addition to this, the lab has been embedded with 32 booths for providing privacy to the students.


The Department has a well furnished laboratory with all latest Math Kits worth of nearly Rs.1.50 lakhs. This lab gives additional exposure to the students for the skill of effective teaching of Mathematics.

Psychology Lab

We have excellently equipped, well furnished Psychology Laboratory. It contains 13 apparatus and 28 inventories. Efficient training have been imparted to student teachers through experiments related to adolescence and Childhood. Various experiments to test students’ intelligence, interest, Personality, Attention and Transfer of training also taught to student- Teachers.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is well furnished, well-knitted and air-conditioned. It is worth Rs.50 lakhs. The Seminar hall has been specially designed with Digital Audio system and Multimedia Projector for carrying out the various activities of each department and common programme


The College Library has about 7000 volumes. In addition to these, hundreds of back volumes are available for reference. The College subscribes about 20 periodicals. The Library follows an open access system and it has been computerized in High-Tech manner.