Academic activities

Pyntamil vizha

In our esteemed Institution Pyntamil Vizha being conducted every year. Intercollegiate competition among Education colleges to southern district colleges, competition are conducted in Tamil Ilakkiyam & Ilakkanam. B.Ed students from various colleges participate very enthusiastically and won the prizes, overall championship & Individual championship award also given in the name ‘Pyntamil Nayakar’.

SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work)

As our part of B.Ed., Curriculum, the students are made to be in regular training in Socially Useful and Productive Work which includes toys making, woolen making, showcase items, pot painting, glass painting, hanging designs and preparation of commercial products like soap oil, ink, phenoil, detergent. Each student has acquired experience in the preparation of any five socially useful products which are tangible.

Field Trip

Every year the student teachers were taken out for a field trip. The trip enabled the student teachers to get an insight into the various alternative occupations available and the extra-curricular activities that can be developed in schools.

Physical Education

The students have physical education classes with their regular basis. This includes session Yoga, Major and Minor games and Lectures on Health Education, in-door and out-door games. As an extension of this programme sports day were conducted to our students.

Citizenship Training Camp

As part of the B.Ed. programme, every academic year the student teachers undergo a five day camp either inside or outside the campus including night stays. This session enabled many programmes like first aid, yoga, seminar, staff & student refreshment courses, awareness programme, environmental education, patrol and so on. All activities conducted in the five day citizen ship training camp should help the student teachers to develop civic sense and social skills. The following life skills course should consist of experience related to:

  • Stress coping management
  • Transactional analysis
  • Communication skills development
  • Self awareness and self motivation
  • Positive-thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time management
  • Empowerment